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New Google Canada head wants more web savviness..."  he wants to get Canadian businesses up to speed in taking advantage of the internet."
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When marketing your online business, having the right software and tools gives you an advantage over your competition. Your website is the vehicle to attract visitors to buy your product or service. The Internet's best online marketing software and tools are available to you right here, right now.

Achieving online success for your business can be very profitable when these key factors are implemented:

  • Optimized for high rankings in search engines 
  • Well written content for your visitors & the search engines 
  • Professionally designed to create a 'call to action'! 
  • Easy navigation to the purchase page 
  • Fitted with opt-in email marketing software to capture email addresses 
  • Equipped with software to automate it as much as possible!

Erland provided our organization with great Internet advice and an excellent recommendation on software to use for promoting our business.

The use of the Email Software Program Mailloop improved our marketing productivity and reduced our marketing costs. We have direct experience in other areas where Erland has been an excellent resource!

Calvin Helin
Personal Law Corporation, Vancouver, B.C.

Once your website is ready to be marketed, I will promote it through various search engines which are not only free to use but also extremely profitable:

  • You will get enhanced visibility by having a high search engine ranking  
  • Your website will be highly ranked in Google  
  • As well as Yahoo and MSN  
  • I analyze your competition and simply give you the edge over them!  
  • These results will guarantee a successful SEO strategy.  

Erland did a great job optimizing our website. I just love to feedback I'm getting from our web site now that it has a top-ranking in the major search engines!
We weren't getting any feedback with the way our previous website was done. Erland was able to work fast and efficiently. We saw the difference immediately and started to get inquiries in no time! His SEO services are excellent and very professional!

Michel Milmore
Centre Ballroom DanceSport, Westmount, Quebec

I will target the keywords relevant to your website for global or local business since it is vitally important. Depending on your competition, achieving high rankings for your website in the search engines will give you the exposure you want. All you need is a product or service that people want. I will make sure the Internet gives you the opportunity to market and promote your Internet business to a huge audience!

Once your website is in at least the top-ten of the SERPs (search engine results pages), then your web site will convert those customers to buy your product or service. They will not only click on your site but they will stay and buy what you have to offer.

Dear Erland,

Thank you for optimizing the Internet site I am the webmaster of this site which displays the artwork of Milena Bojkova, an abstract painter from Montreal.

Within a few weeks after you optimized the home page, Artmilena was at the top of the major search engines, and is now #1 for her keywords!

This position has led to several contacts for Milena, including private art collectors, interior designers and two galleries where her works are now displayed.

Needless to say, both Milena and I are extremely satisfied with the results. I would recommend your service to any webmaster or Internet site owner who wants more exposure.

Joseph Zimmermann
Z3 Design, Montreal, Quebec

Contact me if you want your website at the top of the search engines.

See you at the top!

Erland Campbell


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Because Erland is so dedicated to make people, including me, aware of the benefits and potential of the Internet and doing business online, whatever your field, I wish to bring you this short testimonial of what his service did for me.

I'm a lawyer, and in 2000, I was working in the legal translation department of major Canadian law firm. In 2003, when I saw the growing demand for legal translation, I figured it was time for me to reap all the benefits, so I asked Erland to build me a Web site.

Not only did he build me a Web site, he built a clean one that could easily be found by anyone looking for my service, with the proper keywords, the right keyword density, and good content. He also told me about joining key players in the translation field, which I did.

Sometimes, I have to outsource, in whole or in part, some of my contracts. Needless to say that if you have a product or service that's in demand, Erland knows how to make your website visible (i.e. get ahead of your competition, because in my case, worldwide, there are thousands of translators out there offering the same service as mine and at a much cheaper price).

I'm afraid that if I followed his advice on other ways to get more business, I wouldn't have time to breathe!

I recommend you listen carefully to what he has to say, apply it and you will get the business you wish for, so be prepared to deliver!

Best regards,
Suzanne Bréard
Legal Translation Services, Montreal, Quebec