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Internet Marketing Tips and Advice From Experts

  • Michael Campbell - Dynamic Media Corporation

  • Boris Chow - Internet Marketing Challenge

  • Jim Daniels - Biz Web 2000, Make-A-Living-Online

  • Mike Mindel - WordTracker

  • Jim Maddox - Advanced Networks, Inc.

  • Bob McElwain - Founder, Foremost Press

  • Dr. Neil Shearing - Scam Free Zone

"The internet virtually eliminates all barriers of religion, race, color, or size of business. You can compete with anyone on any level.

Only in this space, could the small business, or individual take the advantage. Being able to adapt, switch gears and go where the emerging markets are.

So many fortunes have been made on the internet. My question to everyone is, what's stopping you from making your fortune, or at least making a comfortable living online?

Don't worry if there are already a lot of people doing it. Remember, no one else is you. No one else sees the world, quite the same way that you do. You have your own gifts and God given talents.

Learn all you can from the masters. Apply what you've learned. Start with one small step tomorrow, persevere, never give up, and the future will be brighter than ever. I wish you all the success and happiness in the world."

All my best,

Michael Campbell - President
Dynamic Media Corporation


"Although marketing on the Internet takes on the traits of traditional marketing, there is one key difference -- speed. Never has doing business been faster, easier or more convenient.

Never would I have thought that I would be in a position to do business with people halfway across the planet without getting off my chair -- without even having to meet anyone face to face.

And that's the whole point, the Internet is not changing the essence of business, it's just making it faster and bringing people closer together.

The Internet has truly created a world without boundaries for those willing to embrace it... Regardless of age, race or status."

Boris Chow
Internet Marketing Challenge


"I can truly vouch for the global nature of the Internet and all it's possibilities. Over the past six years I've attained customers in more than 50 countries, including Canada and the U.S., Australia and throughout the rest of the world.

Before the World Wide Web it would have been impossible! Now, literally anything is possible!"

Best regards,

Jim Daniels
Biz Web 2000


"The Internet is a means by which many people are coming to realize a new sense of freedom. This includes the freedom to do business globally without the limitations of geographical borders.

It requires hard work, dedication and will not happen overnight, but this opportunity results in a shift of freedom that without the Internet, would not be available otherwise.

If you have an idea for an Internet based business. DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST! Start by finding out how many searches are being conducted for that product or service.

You may have the greatest new product on the market but if people aren't searching for it, you will never have sales.

Look at related websites that are out there. Get a feel for the kind of competition you may have before you pursue the idea. If your research doesn't support it, go at it from a different angle. If there's a will there's a way."

In other words, find a need and fulfill it! I cannot stress this enough.

All the best with your online endeavors!"

Jim Maddox
Advanced Networks, Inc.


"A lot of people still believe there is something magical about the Web. You put up a Web site, then just kind of kick back, and watch the dollars flow into your pocket.

It doesn't take long to learn this isn't going to work. Here's the point many never figure.

Doing business on the Web is no different that opening one on a street in your home town. The only advantage to doing so on the Web is that you save a ton of start up costs. Otherwise, business is business.

Consider any business near you that seems to be successful. Ask yourself what it required to get that business started, what it took to grow it, and what is needed to keep it successful.

The same steps are required in building and sustaining a successful online business.

Essentially what you need to do is ...

Identify people interested in what you sell. Attract these people to your site.

Sell your products to them with your web pages.

Let each product over deliver, thus building a base of satisfied customers.

Provide exceptional support, the secret to building repeat business."

Bob McElwain
Founder - Foremost Press
In Memoriam - 1933-2007


"At the end of the day... it doesn't matter how compelling your marketing spiel, how your headlines pull, how useable your site, the hits, the page views, the uniques. It doesn't matter how much customer networking, traffic analysis, log analysis, affiliate percentage refining.

The months of search engine positioning, directory submission, pay per bid managing.

Enduring the endless rubbish that spouts from the lips of so called marketing professionals and tolerating those that always want a piece.

If you haven't got that single, scalable, focused, inspirational idea that you KNOW has the potential to revolutionize an entire industry, then don't bother. Don't waste your time. Really. Throw away ninety-nine of those terrible ideas.

Concentrate on that one, gloriously insane, marvelously inspiring, impossible flash of greatness that came to you in the bath, the one that screams at you 'MY TIME HAS COME' ! So that, even in those darkest moments, you won't give up."

Mike Mindel
Word Tracker


"It's only through the magic of the Internet that I'm able to address you from over here in England!

Such a revolution in communication brings opportunities and rewards for those who have the vision to reach towards their goals...without any limitations of creed, color or race. I wish you great success."

Best Regards,

Neil Shearing, Ph.D.
To Your Internet Success....
Scam Free Zone

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Planet Ocean Local Search Blueprint

Because Erland is so dedicated to make people, including me, aware of the benefits and potential of the Internet and doing business online, whatever your field, I wish to bring you this short testimonial of what his service did for me.

I'm a lawyer, and in 2000, I was working in the legal translation department of major Canadian law firm. In 2003, when I saw the growing demand for legal translation, I figured it was time for me to reap all the benefits, so I asked Erland to build me a Web site.

Not only did he build me a Web site, he built a clean one that could easily be found by anyone looking for my service, with the proper keywords, the right keyword density, and good content. He also told me about joining key players in the translation field, which I did.

Sometimes, I have to outsource, in whole or in part, some of my contracts. Needless to say that if you have a product or service that's in demand, Erland knows how to make your website visible (i.e. get ahead of your competition, because in my case, worldwide, there are thousands of translators out there offering the same service as mine and at a much cheaper price).

I'm afraid that if I followed his advice on other ways to get more business, I wouldn't have time to breathe!

I recommend you listen carefully to what he has to say, apply it and you will get the business you wish for, so be prepared to deliver!

Best regards,
Suzanne Bréard
Legal Translation Services, Montreal, Quebec